Website Design Brief

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    1.   Who is your target market / audience? Who does your website need to appeal to?


    2.  Which colours and tones do you envisage seeing on your website?
    E.g. pastel blues, bold colours, bright reds etc.


    3.  Is there anything you would NOT like to see on your site from a design/taste perspective?
    E.g. Illustrations, stock images, certain fonts?


    4.  Please provide us with any images you would like to use on your website with reference to where you would like those images to be featured. I.e. Home Page, Services Page etc.
    If you have a log of images to send please use this free website to do so

    Please add your notes about your images...


    5.  If you already have a company logo and/or accreditations please provide us with these.

    If you would like us to design a new logo for you please let us know below then fill in our Logo Design Brief when you get a chance.


    6.  We will soon be creating a sitemap to show the proposed structure of your site. This will be based on your initial questionnaire but please do let us know here if you have any preference on the main navigation headings or sub menus. E.g. Products, Gallery, Case Studies etc.


    7.  Please start to prepare the text copy that you would like to use on each page.
    If you have commissioned us for copy writing services, we will supply you with draft copy for each page (for your approval) once the sitemap has been agreed.


    8.  Based on the agreed proposal, please reference any sites which you like the look of. Tell us which elements you like and point out any that you don’t.


    Please Note: as we have already quoted for functionality, this brief is purely about the design/taste aspect of your site. Please be aware that any new functionality added at this stage (which was not included in the original brief) may affect the original quote.