The Importance of User Centred Website Design

The Importance of User Centred Website Design

It seems that in business in the modern world you need to have a website, but in order to stand out, it’s important to have a good website. And by good, we don’t mean it just looks good, but that it is user friendly too.

All too often in web design, they are made over complicated with too much detail and without any consideration for the user, which just makes them inaccessible and frustrating. Of course, you know your business inside out, what you do, how you want to market yourselves and the type of content you want, but it’s actually more important to be objectives and think about what your customers want to read and how they will use your website.

If you get this right with a responsive and User Centre Design, then your website is far more likely to be a success with your target demographic and put you ahead of the competition.

What is User Centred Design?

User Centred Design relates to several methods used in web development to ensure you have a fully functional, user friendly, optimal website and this is something that at Bolton Web Designers we fully advocate in all our web development and design.

The process loosely follows these core indicators: Plan, Analyse, Design, Test and Refine. If you take the time to approach your website design using these elements, you’ll find the process much more constructive and effective in the long run.

Plan – First of all you need plan of action for your website and put together a Project Team to manage the process.

Analyse – It’s then time to conduct detailed analysis – review your current website, research your target demographic, how they use your website and create scenarios that will test the user journey.

Design – Here’s where you begin to determine your site requirements, create a content inventory, sitemap and develop a prototype to launch the site for testing.

Test and Refine – Once the site is launched, it’s vital to test the usability of the site with the target demographic and evaluate the feedback. This will ensure the site is fully optimised for the target audience user experience and identify any flaws; allowing you to make changes and refinements for a better functioning site for the end user.

The User Journey

Whatever style of website design you have in mind, whether you’re an SME or a large corporation, the key is to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience, conduct thorough research and take the user journey. No one likes a website that is difficult to navigate or takes too long to load the relevant information, so during your planning, analysis, design, testing and refinement stages always have the user journey in mind.

If you’d like to know more about User Centred Design for your website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team at Bolton Web Designers.