Functionality Questionnaire

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    1.   Name of Website if available


    2.   Your Business Name


    3.   Have you already purchased a domain for your site? If you would like for us to purchase the domain/s for you please fill in the field below. IMPORTANT! Please check the spelling of the domain as this cant be changed one purchased.


    4. Scope of Project ( Check as required)
    Design OnlyDevelopmentDesign & Development


    5.   When do you want the project to start?


    6.    Is there a deadline/completion date for the project?
    If Yes please input the date


    7.   Do you require an e-commerce site? (Will you be selling either products or services on your site which require online payment transactions?)
    If no please miss out a,b & c below


         a.    If so, please give details regarding the types of products or services


         b.   If you are having an eCommerce website, how many products will you be selling? Again, please give details of number of categories and products?


         c.   Will you require us to upload all products to the site or will you be happy uploading your products with instructions provided in the form of a PDF document?
    Yes upload my productsNo don't upload my products


    11.   What functionalities do you need on your site? (Please give specific details here. If you are not familiar with correct website terminology, please explain in the best way you can and always give references to other sites which have similar functions e.g. Videos, Gallery, Calculator for quotes or a flip-book brochure you like from ....


    12.   Name two or three primary competitive sites and their web addresses. Please comment on the strengths and weaknesses of these sites:


    13.   Are there any sites you have seen online which you envisage your site to resemble in terms of layout? Please give examples below. (Please note that this is the only design related question on this form and a full design brief will follow should you like to proceed)


    14.   How many pages does your website require? Please list them e.g. Home, About, Services, Contact etc. )


    15.   Do you need a CMS (content management system – so that you can login and make updates to your site via a user friendly dashboard – e.g. (Update content, portfolios, text, images)?


    16.   Will you require copy writing services? i.e. do you need our team to write the text content on the site?
    If Yes please let us know what you would need copy for e.g. Home Page, About Us, Product Descriptions etc.

    If no, is the content ready for the site?


    17.   Will you require us to provide images for this site? (We will design the site with place-holder images but if anything specific is required please let us know) Check the boxes below as required or provide further information below that
    Specific Stock ImagesProfessional PhotographyNo, we will provide all related images
    Additional info


    18.   Will you need your website to be responsive i.e. compatible on Mobile devices e.g. Smartphones, Tablets etc


    19.   Do you require hosting for your website?


    20.   Will you require ongoing SEO marketing for your site?


    21.   Do you require a Logo Designed for your site?


    22.   What is your budget for this project? (Knowing this will help us figure out what is possible within your budget)


    23.   Additional Notes - Is there any further information you think may be useful i.e. further functionality to your website