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NHS Bolton GP Federation

NHS Bolton GP Federation

Our latest bespoke site helps to connect GPs with their patients, and vice versa

The NHS Bolton GP Federation is being introduced to give working people in Bolton easy access to GP appointments at a time that best suits them; in the evenings, at weekends and on bank holidays. And the team here at Bolton Web Designers have been working hard to provided them with an accompanying online presence which meets the needs of both the GPs and their patients.

Extended access to GP appointments has already been well received in nearby Bury, following the successful launch of Bury’s GP Federation last year. And patients in Bolton are now also set to benefit, accessing a greater range of services, continuity of care, longer consultations and extended opening hours.

Our team have developed Bolton’s new online hub to be completely mobile responsive and accessible from any device. Its clean, simple and modern design aims to project the credibility and professionalism of this brand new GP Federation. A Federation which is actively engaging 50 practices in Bolton to collectively make a difference in the community.

The site’s GP login area allows rotas to be uploaded and schedules to be monitored, keeping everyone up-to-date and in the loop. This way, information can be shared across practices quickly, easily, and in one central place. Improved communication of this kind can ultimately improve lives.

In addition, company branding and logo design has also been produced to give the Federation its own distinct identity whilst appealing to a wide audience demographic. A number of initial concepts were developed, with the Federation selecting their preferred design which was then smoothly integrated into the site.